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    • New Dates for the 12th China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition: 25 to 27 November 2021

      2021/8/16 10:31:21

      WireShow will now be held at the same fairground on Nov. 25-27, 2021. The concurrent events, China Wire & Cable Industry Conference and China Wire & Cable Material Conference, will be postponed to November at the same time.

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    • Postponement of the 12th China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition (WireShow 2021)

      2021/8/3 15:52:15

      Considering the current situation of COVID-19 infections in China, the local government have taken strict measures to prevent and control the further development of the epidemic. We always take our exhibitors, visitors, partners and sta...

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    • International buyer program for those who cannot visit physical WireShow has been launched

      2021/5/18 16:40:11

      Founded in the late 1980s, WireShow has experienced more than 30 years of development and growth and has become one of the most important wire and cable exhibitions in China and East-Asia. Last edition of WireShow reached a n...

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    • Become a WireShow Visitor and Do Business Face-to-face Again

      2021/6/3 11:46:26

      Join WireShow Now – A sister trade show of wire China for wire and cable industry on August 31th to September 2nd 2021 in Shanghai, China. Gateway to learn more about the direction of Chinas 14th Five-Year Plan and the trend of Chinese wire and cable…

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    • Exhibitor Preview | Find High-precision Measurement & Testing Equipment to Improve Your Production

      2021/6/3 11:11:58

      WireShow is about three months away, as of ealry May, near 400 domestic and overseas companies have confirmed their participation. Besides, the event also received the strong support from the Interna...

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    • Exhibitor Express | Don't miss Totoku! Find enameled wires, heating wires & FFC cables at WireShow

      2021/5/25 15:10:36

      WireShow 2021 will welcome the participation of Totoku, a well-known Japanese wire and cable manufacturer, for the first time. Based on the experience and gains of participating in wireChina for many years, Totoku...

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    • Exhibitor Express | Troester – Your exclusive supplier of rubber and cable product...

      2021/4/9 13:30:57

      China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition (WireShow) will undoubtedly become an accelerator for the recovery of the global wire and cable market in t...

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    • Exhibitor Express | Zumbach -The leading manufacturers of on-line measuring, moni...

      2021/4/9 13:14:08

      WireShow 2021 will kick off at Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 31st to September 2nd. Zumbach has locked its exclusive booth and will present its on-line measuring, monitoring and control systems to visitors at WireShow.

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    • Exhibitor Express | MAILLEFER will present New R&D platform at WireShow 2021, check it out!

      2021/3/12 11:19:21

      MAILLEFER will present New R&D platform at WireShow 2021!

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    • MDS and SECRI deepen their cooperation

      2021/2/8 10:54:35

      Messe Dsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MDS) has reached strategic consensus and officially signed the cooperation agreement with its long-term partner — Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SECRI), to jointly organize WireShow

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